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Plot view



I am using the graph in rapidminer to try visualize my data.


I created a process and the data view shows:

Year       Staff       MC

2013      A001      1

2013      A001       2

2014     A002        4

2015     A003        5

2016     A004        6

2017    A002         3


Example: I am trying to show a chart the average MC was taken for each year. Below is the output chart I got.



  1. I have value for 2016 and 2017, why there is no bar showing?
  2. For 2013, I have a total of 93 counts and the MC sum value is 374. The value should it not be 374/93 = 4.0215?
  3. Is there any function that can show what is the value of the bar? Eg. roll over the mouse on the bar?
  4. Does all the attribute needs to be converted to nominal type for the chart to work?




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Re: Plot view

Do you have multiple records for the year 2016 and 2017? When you use Group by Year, it will aggregate by year and then use the average (as you set). Double check that.


Also, are you running V5.3? If you are, you should upgrade to 7.3. More faster and better.

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Re: Plot view



Below are the records for 2016 and 2017.


Year       Staff       MC

2016      A001      1

2016      A001       1

2017     A002        1


I don't quite get the following statement:

When you use Group by Year, it will aggregate by year and then use the average (as you set)


Can kindly show me an example what should be plot in this case?

x-axis = Year

y-axis = MC

Average MC for 2016: 1 (total MC for 2016 / total count for 2016 = 2/2 = 1) 

Average MC for 2017: 1 (total MC for 2017 / total count for 2017 = 1/1 = 1) 

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Re: Plot view



If my assumption is correct, I think I know why I could not get the average MC for each year using the bar chart. The MC type was "nominal" and after I revert back to "real" type, the display is correct.


May I check how can I display the value in "Data View" as below but the type still remain real?

  1. 2 decimal (1.00) => pattern: 0.00
  2. Add icon % (1.00%) => pattern:0.00%

I always used "Format Numbers" operator to show the pattern and it will change the type to nominal.