RSS Atom or email notifications of new on RapidMiner comunity

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by marcin_blachnik ‎06-02-2016 09:56 AM


I miss the RSS, Atom or any other method (email) that would inform me on the new topics and posts on RapidMiner Cimunity portal. If there are such tools then please let me know how/where to find it.




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Hi Marcin,

I'm not sure this is really a RapidMiner product feature so the admins may move this thread to the section of the board for the community features.  But RSS feed subscription is still available to the different boards by looking under the options (three lots on the upper right, see attached screenshot).

RapidMiner RSS feed.PNG

And once you post a comment, you have an option to select a checkbox under your comment that will email you whenever someone replies to that specific post.  


Hopefully these features will allow you to stay current with the activity in the RapidMiner community!

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That is what I was looking for but couldn't find it.






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Hi all,

Is there also a way to also subscribe to RSS here in the ideas forum? At least I cannot find the tiny button here...




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if you have a good RSS reader, it can extract the feed URL itself. If not, View Source is your friend ;-)



This is the Ideas Board RSS:


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Hi Marcin


We are lacking a button to allow you to follow the Ideas board, but this is being worked on. Thanks for pointing this out. 


RSS and Email subscriptions are available for all other boards, as well as on Labels and the results of a Search. AFter Searching hit the Advanced button.



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