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Hello, dear friends!
I see that it is very old theme and that Ingo wrotea lot of interesting information, but I should ask. For RM logistic regression model is there any method to use it, for example, in Excel (via logistic function formula with weights defined in RM or smth like this)? Maybe I should use some specific logistic regression operator for that goals?
I am not quite good in data science and English but I hope that somebody Who knows the answer will read it soon.
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Dear Pavel,


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It is technically possible to take the equation from RM and put it into RM. But the big question is - why do you want this?


A Model is always the connection of the preprocessing and the machine learning part itself. If you use a machine learning model on a table which is not prepeared in the very same way it will work but create wrong or unreasonable results.


Why dont you create a rm porcess: Read Excel -> Prepare Data -> Apply Model -> Write Excel




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Re: Logistic Regression

Dear Martin,

thanks a lot for the response!

Our goal is to make an instrument to predict some potential bad bank loans in the future. We use some transact data and for simpicity we want to apply to this data in Excel a logistic function with specific weights from RM Model. But now it seems that we couldn't. Am I right? If yes, how do you think, what should we do? Insert RM Model code into the core of script, that mines our data? Or, however, we have more simple way?

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IMHO, the method that Martin proposes is probably the faster and better solution.


Import your data (by Excel or Database) do your training and scoring in RapidMiner, and at the end write out the predicted results to Excel.  Going through the trouble of finding the weights in RapidMiner to then plug it into a Excel Logistic Regression model and crunching it there feels very time consuming. 


However, you can extract the Logistic Regression operator weights by using a Weight to Data operator and then Write Excel. 

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Re: Logistic Regression

Dear T-bone,

Thanks for response and opinion!
Couldn't you please clarify one thing for me (it was discussed earlier, but I unfortunatly didn't catch).
Why if I use the logistic formula in Excel 1/(1+exp(-z)) with weights from RM model for atributes I find another results for probabilities on the same data? How it works? I really couldn't understand and I will be trully thankfull If someone could explain it.

Thanks a lot,