Issues related to web service


Issues related to web service


I have  created a web service in RA but there are some issue.

1. when I select 'XML' output format and MIME Type 'application/xml;charset=utf-8' and test the web service It gives error

A server error 500 occurred: Process /home/iqra/processes/clustering_corelation_report could not be executed: INVALID_CHARACTER_ERR: An invalid or illegal XML character is specified. . The error has been recorded.

Same error comes after selecting XML XLST (Server & client side)

with Table and HTML and JSON format its working fine.

2. the second issue is : I could not use the webservice in C sharp application. Using the direct link in C Sharp application Visual Studio ask me to download the file ( that is the created webservice in json format) after downloading nothing happens it is not shown up in solution explorer of c sharp application. so that I could add it using "Add Web Reference" option in visual studio.

One thing more while testing the webservice on RA we get the process out put. Where we can find webservice code???

Hope someone will understand my issues. any help would be greatly appreciated..
There must be some more video tutorials for RA Smiley Sad

Best Regards.
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Re: Issues related to web service


actually I can't reproduce the first issue with my version. You are sure that it is not depending on the process output?

And to the second issue:
I'm not sure how Visual Studio handels things, but usually you can only import SOAP Webservices into programming languages. RapidAnalytics will provide a RESTful webservice, which is basically one single url you need to call. Usually there's no way of automatically generating classes for having a programatical access on the webservices. You need to do that yourself by calling the URL passing the parameters and interpreting the results.

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