Problem while loading Realm


Problem while loading Realm

Hi everyone,


While setting up a rm server I am getting this error while trying to set up a Realm for a web app:


Database error occurred while loading domain: JBAS014300: Could not find EJB with id {[-3, -87, -93, 115, -43, 98, 76, 65, -111, 98, 65, 17, -105, 25, 1, -9]}


I attach the server log.


I think the problem originated when I loaded a web app which I was using in another computer, and it didn't find the realm. The strange thing is that after this error, the server fails to load ANY realm, and I have no option but to restart it.


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Re: Problem while loading Realm

Did you set the realm in the Web App? 

Thomas - Community Manager
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