cascading user rights


cascading user rights

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Is it possible someway to cascade user rights down in an easy way? For example if my server folder structure is as follows :


dir 1

-- dir 1A

-------- dir 1A1

-------- dir 1A2

-- dir 1B




and I want to give a certain group of users access to directory 1 and everything below, I need to give these access rights one by one for every single folder below. Which can be an issue when I add an extra folder and I forget to give the right access rights.


What I am looking for is a way to ensure all folders below a given folder are all using the same rights as the top folder, without the need to do this manually one by one and on a regular base over again.


If not possible can you add it as a 'more than nice to have' feature for future versions?


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Re: cascading user rights

You should add this in the product ideas section!  It would definitely be helpful.

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Re: cascading user rights

I actually thought this was already the default.  Ignore should inherit the settings from the parent folder and is the way I normally set it up.  Check you don't have anything explicitly blocking the users (or you're creating the folders with admin as then it puts admin as the user by default). 




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Re: cascading user rights

Aaah, missed that one. Thanks!


Re: cascading user rights



may I point you to the documentation for the upcoming 7.6 release?


At the very bottom, you may notice a new option Smiley Happy




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