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Re: server proxy issues

hi @homburg,


Both are indeed running behind the same proxy but with some small differences in setup. Whereas my local desktop requires me to authenticate the server is able to communicate with the outside without authentication (or at least not on server level). It's a bit beyond my knowhow how all these things work tbh.


Funny (yet annoying) thing is that I need to turn the proxy off to be able to communicate with the server, and turn it on to allow me to crawl so I loose connection. The script does howver modify the settings on my studio panel so it works for Studio, just not sure if the same goes for the server instance.


What I did notice earlier today was that for instance also the dropbox connection fails on the server instance, and it gave me 'error: java.net.UnknownhostException : api.dropbox.com, which pointed me to some posts on other fora mentioning JBOSS actually expects to find the hostname rather than the ip to work with. Since our server is not named (yet) but only using IP I'm wondering if the root cause might be over there. 


Our network team is spending some time on it as we speak, but anything that can point them in the right direction is welcome.


Re: server proxy issues

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Configuring a proxy for RapidMiner Studio causes the application to route every traffic via this proxy. In case of server connections which usually reside inside the internal network it is therefor required to setup proxy exceptions. You may add IPs of local entities to the "No proxy for" list separated by a "|" character. This way you do need to turn off proxy configuration for server connections. Please note that this field (as well as all others within this tab) is only active when proxy configuration is set to manual mode.


With regard to the server proxy issue I assume the global server proxy is not yet correctly configured. Probably this is also the case for the operation system itself. Is it i.e. possible to dial out using a simple curl command?




Re: server proxy issues

Hi @homburg,


Yes, I can curl out without a problem, also webbrowsers running on the system work as expected and I can have internet connections using python .Actually this is the temp solution I have to allow me to use the app in the meantime, instead of using the web operators I'm using a python operator. Bit clumsy but it does the trick.

All of my paths lead to Java and probably one of it's hidden/obscure settings but no success so far.