DB connections in a file based repository

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DB connections in a file based repository


is it possible to have DB connections in the repository?
As far as I have seen, it is possible to have such information in a DB based repository, but not in a file based repository. Is this correct?

We are trying to set up a shared repository using SVN for local management of files, but a version based sharing of files between different parties involved in the project. That works fine so far, however, the DB connections are stored outside teh repository in the user specific segment of the file system. I am looking for a way to solve this problem.

thanks in advance
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Re: DB connections in a file based repository

Hi Andreas,

you are right. The only comfortable way of sharing and managing database connections centrally is the RapidMiner Server (RapidAnalytics in the RapidMiner 5 series). For RapidMiner 5 the community edition of the server is available under the AGPL, the same way as RapidMiner. Please keep in mind the restrictions of the AGPL license.

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