Enable detailed logging

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Enable detailed logging

Hello is there a way to enable the default logging by turning any kind of verbosity flag in rapidminer ? I would like to do this to get a logging as follows.

Suppose if I am doing create association rule I just do not want the operator to say I am performing create association rules instead it should be something like

Processing n-m rows. ...left out with  n more rows so that I know what is the current status


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Re: Enable detailed logging

Hello Marco/Marius or other experts could you please tell me if there is any such flag to turn off or turn ON verbosity. Right now it is kind of a black box.. it has(association rules) run for hours now and no results

Re: Enable detailed logging


you can change the log level of RapidMiner via preferences -> Gui -> RapidMiner log level.
However, the Association Rules do not have detailed logging I'm afraid.. Regarding the time it takes: depending on the input it can take a very long time, as Association Rules generation is not well suited for huge data sets.

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