Extend session timout rapidminer server

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Extend session timout rapidminer server

I'm trying to extend the session timeout.
The reason is that I developed a dashboard on RapidMiner Server that enables the customer understand whats happening with some customers. This analysis may take from 3-5 minutes, understanding whats happening with the customer and the person that is in charge of the attention. After 5 min when they click on another customer the system will log them out, I understand their is a security reason for this, and this makes the customer uncomfortable.
I guess this is a parameter I could override on the system settings by adding a property, does anybody knows which property could this be?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Extend session timout rapidminer server


RapidMiner Server 2.0.3 introduced a new system setting which can be altered to increase the session timeout. To change it, go to Administration, System Settings and add a setting with the key 'com.rapidanalytics.web.session.timeout' and a value in seconds for the session timeout. For example setting the value to 1800 would set the timeout to 30 minutes.

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