Format/Alignment for ProcessLog

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Format/Alignment for ProcessLog


with ProcessLog I log the performance value (accuracy) of the XValidation operator. The values
written to the log file have more than 15 position after the decimal point. Can this output be
formatted such that for example just 4 positions are dumped?

Also, when I log multiple values which might have different lengths (for example value "time" of
XValidation), the subsequent values are obviously also moved leading to columns with ugly looking
alignments. Can the alignment of the logged values be also somehow customized?

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Re: Format/Alignment for ProcessLog

Hi Chris,
this is not possible in the ProcessLog operator itself, but you might use the ProcessLog2ExampleSet operator to create an exampleSet from the complete processLog table and then use the ExampleSetWriter to write it in customized formats into a file. For customization you can select the fractions of the numbers and even give a special format explained within the operators info.

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