Getting startet with DMC 2005 dataset


Getting startet with DMC 2005 dataset


I am pretty new to data mining and I would like to work on this dataset from the data mining cup 2005 with rapidminer:

I would like to classify the customers as written in the task. But first I have to preprocess the data as it has many many attributes and rows... I am not sure how to start. Can anyone give me a little help on this? I started by using only a sample of the data training set, so that anything I try does not take such a long time...
As it is a dataset on fraud detection in e-commerce it would be great for me to know how this works. I'm reading a lot on data mining, but I am not sure how to handle this data set in rapidminer. Maybe anyone of you have some insights, tips or ressources where I can learn how to use rapidminer on this particular example?

You would really help me a lot! I'm looking forward to learn how to use rapidminer!

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