Klassifikation with SVM

Klassifikation with SVM


i am trying to classify a data set with help of the JMySVMLearner. Now i've the following problem:

With GridParameterOptimization i can only find a parameter set for which the classification result for one class ist correct (100%) and for the other class very bad (<=30%).
Is it possible to find a parameter set for which you can obtain a balanced classification result (>=75% for each class)?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Klassifikation with SVM

Hi Barbara,

You can attempt to tilt the SVM learning by wrapping it in a MetaCost operator. In this case you would increase the costs of misclassifying the second class, in the hope that a more balanced performance emerges. Works fine on binominal labels, not confident about polynominals. Also I've found that performance can change quite a bit depending on the correct settings for C and gamma in the libSVM learner.

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