Persistance in the R environment

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Persistance in the R environment

Hi RM Support

I have a RM process that invokes a R script deep within its iterative structures, thousands of times.

The R script first defines a number of lengthy functions, which it then proceeds to use. Unfortunately this means that the same functions are defined/loaded again and again, for each call to the Execute R Script operator, resulting in substantial overhead, I presume.

I would much prefer to define the functions once (in a separate R script), in a way that allows their existence to persist so that they can be called from subsequent executions of the iterated R script operator.

Is this possible, or does each Execute R Script operator necessarily start and end with a cleared environment?

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Re: Persistance in the R environment

Hi Isak,

you can output arbitrary objects from the Execute Script (R) operator and use them as input for other R operators.Thus you could create your functions once and pass them to the operators using them.
If you have any questions related to this please post them here.

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