Problem Downloading Source Code

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Problem Downloading Source Code

Hi All,
    I am a new use of Rapidminer, I am using this tool for last couple of day for my data mining assignment. I am trying to download CVS file via Java Eclips but it giving me a error message saying:
"Could not connect to Smiley Tongueserver:anonymous@yale.cvs.souceforge.net:/cvsroot/yale: Cannot connect to host: Connection time out host.
  Can some one please help me out how to get the source code for Rapidminer please. It is very important for me, I nee this solution asap.....

Re: Problem Downloading Source Code

How old are you? 5?

I have removed the two other threads you started and really would like to ignore this one simply because I don't think that people should be rewarded at all for this type of childish spamming!

SourceForge is currently rather slow, hence the timeout. Nothing we can do about it but wait. However, the source code is delivered together with every downloadable package of RM - just have a look into the "src" directory. I do not believe that CVS access makes too much of a difference for you.


How to load processes in XML from the forum into RapidMiner: Read this!