Rapid Analytics and Remote database connection

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Rapid Analytics and Remote database connection

I have rapid analytics and mysql database setup in the same remote server (something like www.test.com)... I have managed to make a connection with RA and MySQL.

Now I have installed Rapid Miner in my local machine and I want to work on the database which is in remote server. Can I connect to the rapidAnalytics from rapidMiner and use the database defined in rapidAnalytics ?

This question is bugging me for a long time now.. Your sincere help and suggestion will definitely be precious to me..

Thanking in advance
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Re: Rapid Analytics and Remote database connection

Hi Sanjiv,

you can access the database on the RapidAnalytics server only if that database allows remote access. In that case the easiest way would be to configure the complete hostname of the server machine in the database connection in RapidAnalytics instead of using "localhost". E.g. if your RapidAnalytics Server and the database live on my.server.com, make sure that:
1. the database allows access from other hosts than localhost
2. configure RapidAnalytics to access the database on my.server.com

Then if you connect to RapidAnalytics with RapidMiner for the next time, it will automatically retrieve the database configuration from the server and be able to access the database.

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Re: Rapid Analytics and Remote database connection

Thanks Marius for your kind reply,

My problem was occuring because the remote server didn't allowed remote access. This is because the server is in production and for the sake of security it won't accept remote connections.

However I found a tricky but buggy solution for this. Although I could not establish a connection to the remote database server from my local machine , I can deploy the solution to the rapid analytics in the same remote server.  The database configuration remains localhost and it gets picked up correctly while running from RA. This has solved my problem.

I think this thing can consume lot of effort if it is not already known to the user. I spent hours figuring out how to do it. I was in love with the idea that if I cannot connect with remote database from my local , then I cannot deploy the solution to the remote, which ofcourse was my wrong mind set.

Anyways Marius , I thank you again for your answer. And this forum rocks...