RapidMiner - Tableau Data Extract Error...

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RapidMiner - Tableau Data Extract Error...

I am getting the following error message when I try to create a Tableau data extract file (.tde)..."Could not initialize class con.tableausoftware.DataExtract Collation...

RapidMiner Tableau Data Extract Error Message.PNGRapidMiner Tableau Data Extract Issue - RM ARIMA Process.PNG


I am currently using the free community versions of RapidMiner Studio and Tableau.


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Re: RapidMiner - Tableau Data Extract Error...

This could be related to a versioning issue. The Loop operator is white, which leads me to believe that it's an older process opened up in the a newer version of RM. 


Normally this should not be an issue but the Tableau Extension has undergone some extensive rewrite and it could be throwing it off. Either that or it's the warnings from the Append operators. 


Double check the versions on the Tableau extension, RM Studio, and the operators. Make sure they're all the same first and then try a breakpoint right before the Tableau operator to see how the day looks before the attempt is made to write is as a TDE file.

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