RapidMiner and ReadyBoost

RapidMiner and ReadyBoost

Does the ReadyBoost option on Vista to use usb memory devices to "expand" memory have any impact on Rapidminer performance/capacity? I have used a 1GB USB key on a computer with 1GB RAM with no noticeable change.
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Re: RapidMiner and ReadyBoost

ReadyBoost can not have any effect on runtime of rapid miner processes, since it is designed to boost the access on the swaping file. RapidMiner is designed to run completly in memory, because data mining algorithms depend on heavy random access on the data. The moment your OS starts to swap some of this memory, RapidMiner will nearly be dead and wont show any further progress. Neither HardDisk nor Flash has a performance to compete with main memory which is some powers of ten between faster.

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