Read CSV doesn't work


Read CSV doesn't work


I didn't work for a long time with Rapit Miner and I have a problem with reading csv files.
I use the "Read CSV" operator, select my csv file with the "Import Configuration Wizard", follow the steps and want to do some kind of clustering afterwards. When I run the prozess there is always the Error Message: "No input file was defined. No file input defined: depending on the source type configuration of your operator, you have to either connect the file input port or define the parameters which specifies the file to be read."

Reading Excel files work fine.

I'm using RapidMiner 5.3.013.

For more information please contact me.

Thankls for your help.


Re: Read CSV doesn't work

Hi dajoedic,

it looks like there is no file associated to the "Read CSV" operator. Did you use the import wizard directly from the parameter tab of the operator? It would be great if you could post the xml code of your process here.

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Re: Read CSV doesn't work

with a new process locate the read CSV operator
add it to the main process window
wire the op port to res
click on the wizard
locate the csv file
click next
in the file reading confirm encoding = UTF-8
in the comma separation note the default = ';'
you need to set this to ','
data should be there now.

if its not the case then as per the previous response you will need to send the XML code for analysis
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Re: Read CSV doesn't work

Unfortunately, the steps provided to address this issue are not very helpful. They seem to assume a lot of things. For example, how does anyone who is using RapidMiner for the first time to get a feel of it, know how to generate an XML file for the process? 


Besides, there are several other issues I am noticing right now with the overall UI itself. I am unable to find the "Data" option which I saw right after installation which I could use to play with IRIS data. I have restarted RapidMiner so many times after that and was never to get that option again. 


I read the reviews about RapidMiner and they all seem to be speaking very high of it. I was very hopeful to see a good and intuitive tool when I read those reviews. But I am not really pleased with what I have seen so far. Maybe, it might be something at my end, but looks like a lot needs to be done, especially testing of the tool, at the RapidMiner end as well. 


Hope someone will take notice of this feedback. 


Manoj Joshi