Recommender Extension: Operator Apply Model


Recommender Extension: Operator Apply Model


I am using the RapidMiner version 5.3.013 with the Recommender Extension version 5.1.1
I'm trying to make some recommendations, so I followed some tutorials I found online.

To import the data to the process I used the operator Read Database. In the table, the attributes are defined as follows: user_id int(11) and item_id bigint(20).

In RapidMiner, after reading the data, the type of both is integer.
Then I used operators Set Role, User k-NN and Apply Model (Item Recommendation) like the tutorials exemplify.

My problem is that, after I run the process, the item_id that appears on results is different from that one that are in the database.
For example, the item_id in the database is 9876543210000 , but in the results of the process the item_id that appears is 2147483647 .
Anyone know why this happens? Did Apply Model (Item Recommendation) deals with bigint attributes?

Thanks for the time and help.
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Re: Recommender Extension: Operator Apply Model

The integer type in RapidMiner does not support values above 2147483647. You should try to define the columns in RapidMiner as double. That should solve your problem.

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