Text-Plugin Operators seem not to work

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Text-Plugin Operators seem not to work


I'm trying to use the text-plugin operator WordNetSynonymStemmer.
Even though other text-plugin operators like TextInput are working I received the error message No operator description found.

I managed to create the description myself but nor the error message is

No public one-argument constructor for operator descriptions: 'WordNetSynonymStemmer(edu.udo.cs.wvtool.generic.stemmer.WordNetSynonymStemmer)': edu.udo.cs.wvtool.generic.stemmer.WordNetSynonymStemmer.<init>(com.rapidminer.operator.OperatorDescription)
at com.rapidminer.operator.OperatorDescription.createOperatorInstance(OperatorDescription.java:165)
at com.rapidminer.tools.OperatorService.createOperator(OperatorService.java:537)

I checked the RapidMiner tutorial which states
"Since version 3.0 of RapidMiner each operator must have an oneargument
constructor which must at least pass the given operator description
object to the superclass constructor.

but in the API documentation of the text-plugin http://www-ai.cs.uni-dortmund.de/SOFTWARE/WVTOOL/doc/javadoc/edu/udo/cs/wvtool/generic/stemmer/WordN... I can see that such a constructor doesn't exist.

Are the WordNet operators not compatible to RapidMiner 4.3?

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Re: Text-Plugin Operators seem not to work

Hi Jens,
unfortunately not. They are not at all included in current versions of the Text Mining Plugin.
But feel free to adapt them by adding a constructor like this:

public OperatorName(OperatorDescription description) {

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