Update DB failed


Update DB failed

Hey guys,

i´m trying to use "Update Database" with an MS SQL Server 2012. I´m updating only one column. But RM tried to touch the hole row and throws an exception.

Exception: Database error occurred: Cannot insert the value NULL into column'Text, Table 'TableName'; column does not alles null. Insert fails.

But I tried an update funktion and not on this columns which a not allow NULL. What did go wrong?

Thanks for you help.

Best wishes

Re: Update DB failed


I'm not 100% sure what the problem is, but the "Update Database" operator works the following: You have an example set with exactly the same columns as your database table. Then you select one or more ID columns via the "attribute filter" parameters. These are the columns (and values) which will form the WHERE clause in the UPDATE statement. ALL other columns are then used for the SET clause. If the WHERE clause returns 0 rows, the UPDATE statement will be changed to an INSERT.

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