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Re: licensing question...

no problem, still waiting for an answer.. besides, the "print process to pdf" and "pause  process" button, are only available in commercial versions? I seen the description in studio documentation, but cannot see those in Version 7.2 ?

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Re: licensing question...

Hi Fred,


There are NO differences between the free and the commercial versions in RapidMiner v7.2.  The free version comes with all features and functions also offered by the paid version.  So if you saw some functionality in some documentation it might have been moved somewhere else, been replaced, or even removed completely from the product.  It would be helpful if you could point out where you found this information so we can update this if possible.


But there are two limitatations for the free version:


  1. The free version of RapidMiner is limited to work on a maximum of 10,000 data rows (as input for operations but also for viewing them).  If you are part of the educational program of RapidMiner, the number of rows is not limited.
  2. The free version of RapidMiner can only use 1 logical processor for computation (if you for example have a 2-core machine with hyperthreading this leads to 4 logical processors on your machine).


The first thing is pretty obvious: the more data you analyze the better your models are.  The second thing means: the more logical processors you are using, the faster the computation will be done if things are parallelized.  For modeling schemes like Decision Trees, Generalized Linear Models, or Gradient Boosted Trees among others, you can see a speed-up of almost the number of logical processors you have (in our example above: almost 4X).  In other cases, e.g. for deep learning, we use the extra power to make more computations in the same time.  So you won't see a dramatic speedup but will get better models.  Future versions of RapidMiner will have even more parallelized methods and will even offer to compute complete processes in the background as well.


Hope this helps,



How to load processes in XML from the forum into RapidMiner: Read this!
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Re: licensing question...

ok and what is the difference between the more-core versions of 7.2 and the "parallelize operators" extension in  Rapidminer 5? does it have the same effect?