mapping text to standard tags


mapping text to standard tags

I've started learning and playing around with RapidMiner. I have a data source with textual IDs, and I would like to map those IDs to standard 2-letter tags (they're country names) after I load the data into RapidMiner, so that I can easily join data from different sources. I came up with a solution using a huge long chain of AddNominalValue's and then another chain of AttributeValueMapper's. The problem is that I need one of each for each country name, so it's rather unwieldy and it dominates the file with bookkeeping operators. Is there another, easier way to do this, preferably with a single operator? Thanks.

Re: mapping text to standard tags


which version of RM do you use? Some time ago, we made the [tt]AttributeValueMapper[/tt] capable of handling multiple mappings. Maybe you are working with an old version? Otherwise please post a snippet of your mapping process part. Maybe we can compress it a little .. Smiley Wink