order of class names in confusion matrix

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order of class names in confusion matrix

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I was wondering if I can change the order of classes in a confusion matrix. For instance, I have five classes, which I want them to appear in conf matrix in the following order: Good, Satisfactory, Fair, Poor, Very Poor (i e their order matters). But now they are sorted this way: Very Poor, Fair, Satisfactory, Poor, Good. Based on what rationale rapidminer sorts the labels like this? Obviously, it is not alphabetical. PS the type of label attribute is "polynomial."



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Re: order of class names in confusion matrix



RapidMiner maps Polynomial data types to integers in the background. This is in many cases not noteworthy for a user. I would argue in your case it might be. Your case is maybe a bit different.


One could try to do Sort + Append with only one input. This usually forces a remapping of all indices. But that would yield to an alphabetically sorted confusion matrix.




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Re: order of class names in confusion matrix

You could rename your categories with an integer preceding the actual name reflecting the order that you want, and then use @mschmitz 's sorting suggestion after that.  This is the only reliable way I have found for getting attributes with many nominal categories to appear in the order that I want in using RapidMiner.  It's a bit frustrating to do it that way but it will work.



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