Finding trends and predicting sales figures


Finding trends and predicting sales figures

Hello everyone!  Smiley Happy I couldn't find solution for my problem, so i decided to register here and ask you  Smiley Wink

I have a table with sales and time, like this:

date sales
2011/01 500
2011/02 600
2011/03 700
2011/04 800
2011/05 900

I triend linear regression, after setting date as ID and sales as label, I have no other attributes... How can I handle this?

How can I predict sales in next months? Of course this dataset is very simple, just to understand the tool, later I would like to apply this to non-linear issues.

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Re: Finding trends and predicting sales figures

Do not set the date as id, but use it as input variable, since you want to predict sales over time.

It may be possible that the underlying Java will have problems with dates as regular attribute. In that case, use the Set Role operator to create an id (a running idx), set the role of id to regular and in this case the date column back to id.
Then you can use the linear regression to get the job done.

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