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I am a new user.
I have used FP-Growth + Create association rules to generate some rules. Each attribute has been separated into "true" and "false".

However, the question is, in the result rules, only the name of attribute can be shown. For example, the rule is : HEAT---COLD. How do I know the value of premise (HEAT) and conclusion (COLD)?  I mean, I want to have the following form" HEAT (TRUE or FALSE) --- COLD (TRUE or False).

Thank you very much!!


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    anybody here?[flash=200,200][/flash]
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    yes, but it would probably have helped if you would have posted your request in the correct board, for example "Problems and Support" or "Data Mining / ETL / BI Processes" to start with. The chance somebody is willing to review your problem and spend some time helping you is much higher there...

    Anyway, it is actually desired that FPGrowth does only look at the positive value of binominal attributes. Hence, only item sets are regarded to be frequent which have the value "true". Please note that "true" does not necessarily mean "positive" and which value is regarded as positive can be changed for example with the "Remap Binominal Values" operator.

    However, if you want to explicitly have rules also for the "false" case since this make sense in your case, this is quite simple: Just perform a transformation "Polynominal to Binominal" before and dichotomize the attributes before FPGrowth is applied.

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    Thank you so much. Very clear and helpful!!!

    Good day,

    Jerry :)
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