Pattern discovery from sequence

windswinds Member Posts: 4 Contributor I
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I have a series which records occurrences of events over time.  Is there an operator in RapidMiner I can use to discover sequential patterns?  For example, if I feed a sequence from a time window, is it possible to find something like "event 1 follows event 2 within 5 minutes" -- or something like that (i.e. more general or specific)?



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    aryan_wkaryan_wk Member Posts: 1 Contributor I
    Hi ,
    I've got the same problem , no body can help ?  :-\
    i guess there should be a help in W-GeneralizedSequentialPatterns feature of RapidMiner , but i dunno how to use it correctly & also i didn't find any help searching google, nobody worked with this feature ?
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