"Run RapidMiner on a cluster"

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I am wanting to run RapidMiner on a school cluster (BlackPearl -> http://www.etsu.edu/hpcc/hardware.aspx) but do not know how to set-up RapidMiner to run across multiple nodes in the cluster. Is it possible to run RapidMiner across a distributed system like a cluster?


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    You cannot directly distribute RapidMiner Server across a cluster, but you can do so using Hadoop on your cluster. By adding Radoop, the RapidMiner Hadoop extension, you can run data analysis tasks on an arbitrary number of cluster nodes and combine your local storage capacity to one distributed file system (and / or attach your NAS devices).
    For educational purposes we provide special offers inside our RapidMiner Academia program: https://rapidminer.com/academia/
    Academia allows you to get RapidMiner products for free if your working for a non-profit institution or to get a huge discount on the regular sales prices otherwise. Please just let us know more about your project.

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