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Hi everyone.

I am running into some kind of strange problem here. When my mouse focuses on  the input or ouput point, the RapidMiner can show a window filled with information. This window of ReadExcel operator for excample, can show my data table have 1000 examples, 80 attributes, and other information, but the specific data which should be showed below is always missing, I can not see the table of part of my data.

This happens several times, but sometimes it can show specific data. I don't know why, call for help!


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    SebastianLohSebastianLoh Member Posts: 99 Contributor II
    Hi flyfire,

    the data that is shown in the tool tip is called "Meta data". It descriibes your data, eg. which attributes the dataset has and which types they are.

    Some operators and especially the Read Excel operators can not provide these information until they were executed at least once.
    If you execute the Read Excel operator, it will show the meta data in the tool tip (some time you'll need to move the operator a little in order to refresh the tool tip)

    I hope I could help,

    Ciao Sebastian
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    flyfireflyfire Member Posts: 11 Contributor II
    Hi, Sebastian.
    Thank you for your advice. I know sometimes it may need to be run first, but the meta data can not be shown offen. It is strange, because my process can run successfully...
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