"Which to choose? Text Plugin, or Text Process Extension?"

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Previously, I used Text Plugin, and it worked well. Now I find that RM 5.x has the Text Process Extension. Is it better than Text Plugin?

BTW, there is a detailed tutorial for Text Plugin, so I know how to integrate it into my application in JAVA. Now, I could not find such tutorial. I think the integration using JAVA is different now. How different, and how to use in jAVA?

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  • landland RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 2,531 Unicorn
    the Text Processing Extension was a new and completely revised version of the original Text Plugin. Now the Text Processing Extension is maintained by Rapid-I and is updated according to updates in RapidMiner Core.

    The integration hasn't changed that much. It still is build a process and executing. See the Java API of RapidMiner for details.
    But please be aware that RapidMiner 5 now is published under AGPL3 and your programs needs to be licensed under the AGPL3, too!

  • MarkusMarkus Member, University Professor Posts: 6 University Professor
    Hi Sebastian

    Am I correct in assuming that the R extension cannot be used in combination with the Text Processing extension?


  • nawafpowernawafpower Member Posts: 34 Contributor II
    After I have been using the Text Processing operators for long, I don't know where did it go, suddenly I lost the Text Processing and don't know how to return it back.
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    well what did you do? My simple test project in Eclipse has the RapidMiner_Unuk and RapidMiner_Plugin_TextProcessing_Unuk projects in the buildpath and then just calls

    before executing a process which contains text processing operators. Works like a charm.

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