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I have downloaded Rapid Analytics 1.0. I have been playing with it since yesterday and I have to say it is an awesome, fantastic piece of software. Thank you guys for making it available to the public.

I use RapidMiner as the oficial software of a Data Mining course. Rapid Analytics will help me do what I have only dreamt about before.

1) I have always  been limited by the power of my students' laptops (which is rather small ;-). Not anymore. I have a small budget for the course (a few hundred dollars) and I'll spend it mounting a RApidAnalytics server on the cloud. I'll install RA in a fast/powerful machine using amazon ec2 and will create accounts for the different groups in the course. Then we will be able to analyze more realistic datasets.

2) Remote repositories

Again thanks a lot. Happy holidays



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    Dear Ernesto,

    thank you very much for your kind words  :D

    RapidMiner 5 and now RapidAnalytics have indeed been a lot of hard work but I also like both tools a lot. And what's even more important: I and the rest of the Rapid-I crew are really happy that you and other appreciate our work and efforts. Thanks for that!

    Happy holidays and all the best,
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