Attribute Priority

gvenezgvenez Member Posts: 2 Contributor I
I have a dataset with three attributes and their corresponding weight.
Economic Code 1 Percentage Economic Code 2 Percentage Economic Code 3 Percentage Success
EC12 60% EC13 30% EC14 10% Yes
EC13 60% EC15 20% EC12 20% No
EC19 30% EC13 50% EC14 10% Yes
In my evaluation I model I want to assign each attribute a weight that corresponds to its percentage. So for example in the first row EC12 would have 60% of the total weight. My aim is to find out which code contributes to the Success and how with how much weight. I hope I am making some sense  :)
Since I am new to Data Mining from Java Programming I am at loss of how to solve this issue in RapidMiner.

My last resort is to write a java program that would be too complicated. Please suggest some tips on how to proceed with evaluating this data


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