"R-GPUtools for Mac using CULA in Rapidminer"

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Does anyone know how/if to use the gpu-tools package from R in rapidminer?

It would be interesting to use GPU rendering on a MAC machine within the rapidminer-environment. The R project reports a list of compatible graphic cards (which includes mine). They are telling of increased rendering power usable for several operations. Therefore GPU-rendering is an interesting way of getting more power out of any usual Apple Computer. In a way they are speaking about dramatic increases. Rendering power is always a limiting factor within my data mining approaches.

My questions concern how to use the R functions within an usual rapidminer process.
- how to find out which operations are supported and how to use the R operators
- how to install the neccessary software (CULA and beta gputools R package)
- how to use the package / combine it with the ease of use of rapidminer

Further information about the beta package can be found here:


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    this is not a feature request, please post in an appropriate board.

    I don't see a reason why you wouldn't be able to use your R package. You would have to use the regular R script operator for your purpose. There won't be a predefined RapidMiner operator that wraps the particular R functionality you are looking for.

    However, it is unlikely that this is the right board to ask how an R package can be installed.

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