"help with installation on WinXP - postgresql"

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Im trying install RA on Winxp using Postgresql. I can get to step 3 Initial Web-based Conguration following the Installation Instructions pdf.

However, at this step I cannot progress as Postgres is not listed. I have manually setup the tables, and I can see that during the running of run.bat that further tables were created in the postgres database, so RA is connecting to the database.

In the web admin there is also the following:
INFO: Result of SQL dialect autodetection: null.
INFO: Quartz tables must be created.
INFO: com.rapidanalytics.uploaddir not set.
INFO: com.rapidanalytics.plugindir not set.

How can I move beyond this step?

Here is a link to the output from the starup, should that be of assistance:


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    fischerfischer Member Posts: 439 Maven

    just to make sure: By manually set up the tables you are referring to the Quartz tables?

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    zulfezulfe Member Posts: 2 Contributor I
    Hi Simon,

    I am having similar issue with postgres. I have manually created Quartz tables. Every time I login i get the following message:

    RapidAnalytics Installation - Step 1
    Your RapidAnalytics installation is not yet complete. The following steps must be executed before RapidAnalytics can be used for the first time.

    INFO: SQL dialect specified: MYSQL.
    INFO: Quartz tables must be created.

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    fischerfischer Member Posts: 439 Maven
    Hi all,

    next release has built.-in support for Postgres. Coming in the next days.

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