"Number of hidden neurons ANN"

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i have a question... of course :)
The doc for the neural netowrk operators says: the (hidden) layer size will be set to (number of attributes + number of classes) / 2 + 1.

2 question:

1. Why not using 2*num_attrs+1 hidden neurons? With that number is can be guaranteed to approximate any function, as you might know :D
2. What is the number of classes, if i am making a regression? 1?

Thank you very much :)


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    well actually beside from asking you could answer some of the questions you already have been solved :)

    1. If you can approximate any function you might really simple overfit. I suggest reading the nice paper "Overfitting S&P 500" at http://www.shookrun.com/documents/stupidmining.pdf

    2. Yes, is 1 for regression.

    Actually you might add this to the operator documentation, if you would be so kind?

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