IT Issue Trend Analysis With RapidMiner?

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I am a manager of an internal IT help desk. We're wanting to do some trend analysis on the trouble calls that we receive so that we can perform root cause analysis to eliminate the root problems from our environment.  I have a single column excel file that I exported our work order database which contains the work order descriptions.  I was hoping that I could use RapidMiner to to analyze the data to find patterns.  Basically I need to compare the records to themselves to see if any trends exist.  Unforutnately, I'm dealing with unstructured data that can differ depending on who entered the work order in the first place.  Below (in blue) is an example of the type of data that is in the excel spreadsheet.  Each row represents a separate work order that was submitted.  Could RapidMiner be useful in this application?  If so, could somebody point me in a direction where I could get started?  I've already watched some of the video tutorials on the Vancouver Data blog and I've even made a few quick processes in RapidMiner but I'm not exactly sure which operations I need to manipulate my data in a fashion that will be useful to me.  I'd greatly appreciate any insight you would be able to offer!  Thanks in advance!

User accidentally deleted a file in Word that he had saved locally.
User called and Word is still crashing on him.
User called as she said that she though she had moved an important Word file from her C: to her N: but that she now cannot find the file on either drive.
User called back and wanted to know how to convert a document to a pdf file again.
User called can't use macros in word 2007 disabled
User called wants to convert a word file to a PDF.
User called with an issue in Word 2007.  His text was showing up in another language.
User called, can't add in a concurence Macro in Office Word 2003. Says that Macros are disabled in this project. Set Macro security to medium, restarted Office and tried again, works now
User called, can't use letterhead macro, macro's are disabled
User called, he wants to insert a comment and needs to know how, remoted in and went to insert > comment
User called, Office shortcuts not working after FDCC changes
User called, said that he was working in Word 2007 and got a message that Office 2007 plus was going to install, the popup went away and everything is working fine, just wanted to know if there was anything wrong.
User called, she can't download the templates in Microsoft Word, gives error that she's offline. Called Aaron, found a document that says she needs Office 2007 service pack 2.
User can not accept track changes
User can not access the equation editor in a word document


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    I think you will need to go into the Text Mining Direction. This way you will be able to look at the co-occurrences of words and for example get to know, which words will be used together most frequently. (It seems to me to be something like "Word", "File" and "Delete" :))
    And if you have something like a label column (Or at least having a fixed, time based order of the texts, you will be able to check if there's a shift in these patterns.

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