"[SOLVED] Difficulty in Creating Word Vector from Excel."

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Hi All,

I am having difficulty  in creating a word vector from an excel input in which I am trying to convert to documents.

How do I go about reading an excel file in Rapid Miner. I am starting with Read Excel but where do I go from there to convert the data.

I am trying to do something simliar to this tutorial:

expect, I do not have separate documents but one document with comments on each row.

Thank you in advance for any feedback!!! i have been going at this for a week but unable to crate a word vector.


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    jackson_reversejackson_reverse Member Posts: 1 Contributor I
    I was looking for an answer to this issue as well but managed to piece it together from various forum posts. My solution:

    • Import the file as CSV (or Excel) using "Read CSV"
    • Set data type to “text” (I used the import wizard to do this on the last screen I think it was)
    • Then ran output through the “Data to Documents” operator to convert each text line into a document
    • Then ran everything through the “Process Documents” operator as usual

    Hope that helps!
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