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Hey there,

obviously it's quite a simple problem, but searching the web didn't help.

As a process I've got several crossvalidations with according performance vectors. By now, in the result perspective, I can only save one performance vector to the repository at the time. That's quite time demanding. Therefore I'd prefer to simply store all the process's results in one file with the possibility to retrieve them, when I restart Rapidminer.

I've already read there should be somewhere an operator like "ResultWriter", but all I can find within my operators is a "write performance" operator saying that I "want to use ResultWriter operator which writes all current results in the main result file", although I've the latest version, so that there shouldn't be any operators missing.

It'd be great if someone can help me storing all results of a proces into the repository at once, so I don't have to save about 200 results one by one...


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    there are several ways how to store results in repository. For example you can switch to the Context View (you have to enable it in the View menu first) and assign a repository location to each output ports. Whenever the process finishes the results of the ports are written to the according location.

    To be more flexible you can use "Write" operators. They will write the data delivered to the input port to a repository location of your choice.
    If you want to store all Results in one single location, you can use the Collect operator and build a collection of an arbitrary set of objects. You can store this collection as any other result object to the repository then.

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