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I have a collection of documents generated by 'data to documents' operator from an excel file (which is read by ' read excel" operator). In the resulting IOObjectCollection window each row of the excel file is considered as a separate documents- as it s supposed to be - However when I try to see the content of each document item in the collection using the IOObjectCollection tab in the results window our text appears on the vertical side of the screen; which actually has three parts, two of them being the main horizontal regions; the other is the vertical region. Is this normal? Where exactly should we see the content of each document in this IOObjectCollection tab?

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    as you noticed the former attributes become meta data shown in the right vertical window. If you want something to really become the document content, you have to set its type to "text" before. You can check the type of your attributes if you inspect the results of the "Read Excel" operator. I assume they will be polynominal, so you can use the "Nominal to Text" operator on the attribute(s) you want to become the document content. You have to do this before the examples are converted to documents ("Data to Documents"). This text will then appear in the horizontal boxes of the document's results view.

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