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Description in the Wiki of Loop operator currently says:
Performs its inner operators for the defined number of times. The input of this operator will be the input of the first operator in the first iteration. The output of each nested operator is the input for the following one, the output of the last inner operator will be the input for the first child in the next iteration. The output of the last operator in the last iteration will be the output of this operator.

I understand from this that a Loop operator with n iterations can be substituted by its contents, repeated (chained) n times. Is this really correct? I seem to be getting a collection from the output of the Loop operator, which is not what I would expect from the description above. I'm confused. Do loop operators always output collections? (The wikis don't seem to mention this.)

Thanks in advance.


EDIT: Oops... should have posted in the "support" forum...sorry


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    well, I updated the description. Thanks for the hint :)

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