Once I import a data set into Rapidminer 5 how do I change the type of a column?

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I've imported a datset into Rapidminer 5 and one of the columns that was supposed to be nominal was set as a numeric. My data set has over 500 attributes so I don't really want to have to reimport my data every time I realize I've made a mistake like this. Is there some way to either automate the import process so that it saves the column types I set each time or can I go back and edit my already imported data set attribute types?


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    how did you import the data? Using File/Import Data or using an operator ("Read Excel", "Read CSV", etc)?
    Since I don't use the import function I cannot say if it is (easily) possible to change type assignment afterwards. If you use one of the read operators I guess it should be possible to do all the work of setting types via import configuration wizard once and afterswards only change the file parameter to keep all the attribute settings. This of course only works if the file has the same format.
    To change a few types after the data was already imported you can also use operators like "Numerical to polynominal".

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