Help is needed to use RM for my web application.

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I'm a student who is not familiar with RM and have just started to learn it. However, the subject of my project do not really requires a lot of knowledge in RM. I have several queries regarding my project and I think your suggestions would be useful.So, here are the tasks:
I want to create a web GUI (I thinking of using Eclipse, although I'm newbie in Eclipse) for user who are not familiar with RM at all but domain experts in certain area. GUI will enable users to alter the values of some but not all parameters of processes in RM (I'm going to choose a set of parameters which are really important for user) .
So far I have RM table which consist of about 10-15 processes (I took these tables as for granted from my supervisor). I thinking of how to change parameters in my web app so that they will be also changed in RM.
Currently, I have no idea from what to start either from learning Eclipse and developing web app or to study RM?Could you shed some light on what is the approach and  what kind of info I need to know and how to start this complicated project?)


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    to be honest, this is quite the project if you're not a somewhat experienced Java developer.
    I'd suggest you start by learning some JavaGUI and Eclipse basics, and then tackle the RM stuff.

    For your parameter questions you can load the process in RM via RapidMiner.readProcessFile(File x)
    Then you can get the operators via process.getOperator(String name), and on the operators you can for example change parameter settings etc via operator.setParameter(String key, String value). By using Eclipse, you can see all methods provided by the process and operator objects and continue from there.

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    Thank you Marco,hope is gonna help me.
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