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[I think this lives here rather than problems/support but please advise if not]

"Read RSS Feed" is great but Wordpress is in the habit of providing a shortened text for <description> (we're in RSS 2) and the full post text in <content:encoded> (see snippet below).

"Read RSS Feed" captures only "description" contents.

It would be great for "Read RSS Feed" to cope with this rather irritating practice from WP, either through some programmed heuristics or a user-controlled parameter in the "Read RSS Feed" operation.

Cheers, Adam
The Wordpress "irritating practice":

<description><![CDATA[(10th in my logic of competence series)
In this series of posts I&#8217;ve used many terms as a part of my attempts to communicate on these topics. Now I offer definitions for or notes about both the concepts I&#8217;ve used in the blog posts so far, and related ones drawn from a range of other work, [...]]]></description>
<content:encoded><![CDATA[<p>(10th in my { lots of content removed from here } </content:encoded>
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