"best practice for combining performance vectors"

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I got several PerformanceVectors computed over non-overlapping subsets of an exampleset. Now I'd like to combine these PerformanceVectors in order to get just one to analyse my results (way) easier.
Is there a straight-forward way to do so? Well, I could figure out some "dirty" ways but I guess it's better to do it "right" from the beginning.

Thanks for your help


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    niccayniccay Member Posts: 4 Contributor I
    If someone happens to have the same problem, I guess got the way you're meant to combining performance vectors:

    for(int averageCriterion = 0; averageCriterion < measuredPerformance.getSize(); averageCriterion++) {
    (but AUC doesn't seem to work)

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