Using Log to label results

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I have a process that basically involves 7 different learners and then calculates a t-test for significant differences in accuracy across these models. The problem is that I am having trouble figuring out which element is which in the resultant t-test table. I have tried using the log to record the accuracy of the models and then compare afterwards, but I'd like to have label creation be a part of the process. Any ideas?



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    you can use the Reporting Extension to give you static reports with sections and subsections. You can also rename the performance operators and t-tests. The name of the operator where they are generate is shown for each object in the result view.

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    Hi Sebastian,

    Thanks for sharing your expertise. I keep coming back to this hobby project and lately I've been trying to find a way to report the level of the false negative and false positives within a classification scheme. I would, ideally, find a way to get these results using the `log` operator; I currently use `log` to report accuracy levels within the `performance` operator. It is not feasible to extract these from the results pane since there are several loops created that result in over 100,000 iterations. I am, basically, trying to do some meta-mining of classifier accuracy. Let me know what you think,

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