"Problem with FP-Growth operator"

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The GUI displays the "min number of itemsets"  parameter of the FP-Growth  operator
only if the "find min number of itemsets" checkbox is unchecked! It makes no sense
for me. The user should be asked for "min number of itemsets" if the "find  min number
of itemsets" is checked.

On the contrary, if the checkbox is unchecked (the user wants to find all  frequent
itemsets with support >= min support), the program displays the "min number of
itemsets" parameter. It seems to me although "min number of itemsets" can be set
it is completely ignored by the operator in this case.

Is it a bug or I misunderstood something?

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    IngoRMIngoRM Administrator, Moderator, Employee, RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert, Community Manager, RMResearcher, Member, University Professor Posts: 1,751 RM Founder
    Hi Peter,

    Is it a bug or I misunderstood something?
    Nope, clearly a bug! Thanks for pointing it out, I have just incorporated a bugfix which will be available with the next release (if you are an enterprise customer please ask for an hotfix).

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