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I am very new to rapidminer, and i have an assignment in which i need to process movie reviews. there are two folders, one with negative reviews saved in different txt files, and a folder with positive reviews again in txt file. How do i find the number of attributes, what operators will i need


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    perhaps you might want to take a look at a very similar topic: http://rapid-i.com/rapidforum/index.php/topic,3628.0.html

    There also still are no answers but the tasks are outlined in more detail than in your post. Perhaps you can ask some concrete questions if you have an idea of how to proceed. General questions as yours always take a lot of time to respond to since you have to outline a whole process (so you will probably have to wait longer until you receive responses).

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    I have just written a couple of hints in the other thread. Maybe they indeed help.

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