Can't find Windowing Operator for time series forcasting in Rapidminer Studio 6.3 on Windows 7

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I am going through the book Predictive Analytics and Data Mining by Vijay Kotu and Bala Deshpande. I am trying to run a file I downloaded from the books website http://www.learnpredictiveanalytics.com/downloads.html. The rmp files are from a previous version. (I think one of the fifth versions) The file I'm using is 10_TimeS_10.2.2_simple_windowing_ts.rmp and it has a windowing operator in it. However, my version of Rapidminer is referring to it as a dummy operator.

When I try to run it I get a Process Failed Message that says, "The Dummy operator Windowing for Training (replacing series: windowing) cannot be executed. A dummy operator was inserted to replace an operator provided by a plug-in that is currently not installed. In order to execute this process, you must download the plugin."

What is the name of the plugin and where can I find it to get this to work? I'm having trouble coming up with anything. Thanks


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    Never mind, I looked a little more and found out I was looking for windowing in extensions to download and instead I need to look for "Series Extension." Once I put that in, it worked.
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    The extension you need is called the Series Extension. You can download it from the Marketplace either by accessing it via the Help Menu --> Updates and Extensions (Marketplace) or at the following link:

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    Not sure what's going on with your RM v6.3 install but I have the extension installed and running RM v7.3, I have the windowing operator. 


    Do you have the extension installed?

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