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I tried to export my excel file into the programme and that worked fine. But when I try to put it into process the file has a red dot and it shows this problem:
"Parameter 'repository entry' accesses a repository by name (//NewLocalRepository/Query). This may not be portable when sharing processes."

What does that mean?

I cant even save it because I have the problem appearing and I cant use any operators because of that.

Thanks in advance


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    What does that mean?
    Well, exactly what it states  ;)

    You are accessing a data set by an absolute "path". This is similar to accessing a file by a an absolute path, for example "D:\mydata\data.dat". The process will run on this machine but there might be a problem if you want to share the process with others or copy it to another place. What happens if there is no "D:\mydata\"? Right, you cannot find the file and then you will have a problem.

    This is only a warning (which is indicated by two things: first, the problem tab has a headline stating "One potential problem" and second, there is a small yellow mark at the front of the line which in general indicates a warning only. Did you just try and execute the process? It probably would run just fine...

    How can you prevent this? Well, just use RapidMiner as it was intended. When you create a new process, RapidMiner asks for a new location. Always define a location then and directly save the process there. This is suggested like 10 times in the manual by the way  ;) If your data is in the same repository, RapidMiner will then ensure that no absolute paths are used but relative ones which would not cause the problem explained above.

    I cant even save it because I have the problem appearing and I cant use any operators because of that.
    I don't believe that, sorry. You can always save a process, no matter if it runs or not or if is completely broken. Are you sure you tried the right things?


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